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Led Strip Light Basic Knowledge

November 27,2023

Strip, is the abbreviation of the led strip, most people say when not accustomed to the term is too long, so the front of the LED to be omitted, directly called the strip. So that the name of the strip also contains a lot of previous large two-wire, large three-wire, round two-wire and so on directly with the wire connected to the LED without the use of FPC or PCB of the old-fashioned strip, of course, also contains a flexible strip and hard strip.


Structure of LED Strip Light

LED light strip  structure is divided into two kinds: one is the common type, that is, the series-parallel circuit structure; one is the combination type, that is, the structure used in the phantom light strip, which contains integrated circuits and timing control circuits.

The following will be commonly used LED light strip, to elaborate on the relevant issues about LED light strip:

What materials are LED light strips made of?

LED strip light is composed of FPC, LED, chip resistor, waterproof silicone, connection terminals and other materials.

What is the circuit structure of LED strip light?

Conventional LED strip circuit structure for the series-parallel circuit, to provide us with wholesale LED strip products are mostly 12V power supply LED strip, is the use of three LEDs plus a chip resistor in series, combined into a group of circuits; and each LED strip is composed of 10 groups of circuits combined in parallel. The advantages of this design circuit structure are:

A. The use of resistor voltage divider can effectively ensure that the LED works under the specified rated voltage, so as not to shorten the service life of the LED because the input voltage exceeds the rated voltage of the LED.

B. Parallel shunt, can effectively reduce the input rated current through parallel circuit for each group of LED impact, so that the LED can be stabilized in a current range, thus greatly improving the service life of LED.

C, parallel constant voltage, because each group of LED between the parallel structure, therefore, any cut a group will not affect the normal use of other groups, can effectively save the installation cost, not to waste.

What is the physical structure of LED strip light?

There are 4 kinds of  led strip lights  according to the width, such as 6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm, and there are several kinds of LED strip lights according to the LED size, such as 2020, 3014, 2835, 3528, 5050 and so on. So what is the physical structure of each kind of LED strip light? The same we provide LED light strip (led2835 24v soft strip) of conventional LED light strip as an example, to illustrate their physical structure.

As LED strip lights need to divide the spacing according to the specific length of the strip, the number of LEDs and the shear position, therefore, no matter which kind of LED strip lights, the physical structure of the row is calculated according to the following formula:


Characteristics of LED Strip Light

1、Soft, can be curled at will.

2、It can be cut and extended.

3、The electric bulb and the pathway are thoroughly covered in the flexible plastic, good insulation, waterproof function, use of insurance.

4、Strong weather resistance.

5、It is not easy to crack, long service life.

6, easy to manufacture graphics, text and other modeling; now has been widely used in buildings, bridges, pathways, gardens, courtyards, floors, lie boards, furniture, buses, lakes, underwater, posters, pink signs, signs, etc. on the whitewash and illumination.

The working principle of LED strip light

Each section is a unit, each unit has a fixed number of light-emitting diodes and distribution of current-limiting resistors, when cutting to cut by unit, otherwise the section will not be bright. Each unit is connected in parallel separately to withstand the supply voltage, DC 200V, 24V, 12V, 5V and so on. One of the power supply and light strip connection has positive and negative poles. Reverse connection a bright.


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