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LED Strip Lighting Guide for Sauna Room

August 11,2023

Saunaing is a traditional form of heat therapy that uses heat and humidity to provide relaxation and many potential health benefits. With increasing emphasis on health and quality of life among people, the sauna room market is expected to continue expanding and gain wider adoption and acceptance across the globe. According to the needs of the market and the installation environment, the LED light strip  solution suitable for the high temperature environment of the sauna room was born.

We all know: Saunas run hot. The temperature of a traditional sauna is usually between 80°C and 100°C. However, the upper limit of the normal operating temperature of ordinary LED strips is about 45°C.

So how can we make the LED strip light work normally in the sauna room? please watch the following part.

First of all, we need to start with the LED chip. The internal structure of the LED includes wafer, bracket, silver glue, wires, etc. The function of the wire is to connect the solder joints and the bracket of the chip so that they can be conducted. There are generally 3 types of wire material selection: gold wire, alloy wire, and copper wire. Among them, gold wire has the most stable performance, the lowest failure rate, and the longest service life. And the impact of high temperature on the pad will lead to lower luminous efficiency of the LED chip, while the gold wire can minimize the light decay rate of the chip and stabilize the brightness. Therefore, in the face of extreme high temperature environments, gold wire LED chips are the best choice.

Then, we need to carry out moisture-proof processing on the  LED strip . Our company adopts the strategy of silicone solid extrusion, it will wraps the LED chip without dead ends to ensure that there will be no atomization effect inside, and the silicone solid layer can also play a role in heat insulation. We understand that for wet saunas, products need to pay more attention to moisture resistance, because the temperature of wet saunas is generally controlled at about 50 degrees Celsius, but the room is full of water vapor. For dry saunas, products need to pay more attention to high temperature resistance, because the temperature will be much higher than that of wet saunas, but the humidity in the room is very low. Therefore, for some dry saunas, it is no problem to use neon silicone tubes to match the LED strips. Although the product can only reach the IP65 level and there is also a gap inside the neon flex, the melting point of silicone is as high as 350 degrees Celsius. So this solution is feasible, and neon flex can make the light source look continuous.

Finally, we need to choose the LED power supply, controller and extension wires and other things needed in the lighting system according to the actual situation of your project. Generally speaking, the lighting in the sauna room does not need to be fancy, warm white lighting (1000K~3000K) is generally used. And the lighting in the sauna room plays more of an atmosphere role, and it is essential to be able to adjust the brightness, so the choice of controller is usually a control panel that supports single color temperature dimming. For the choice of LED power supply, waterproof or not depends on the environment you install. Basically, the LED power supply is installed in a concealed wall or on the ceiling, which is separated from the environment in the sauna room. If your project is concerned that the power supply will be affected by moisture, you can choose a waterproof LED power supply. Most of the extension wires used in lighting projects can only be used in environments below 70 degrees Celsius. If the temperature of the sauna room is higher, then it is necessary to use high temperature resistant extension wires for wiring.

Our company has also verified these conclusions after many bold practices. I hope this article of mine can bring help to your project. The reprocessing of LED strips is very strong, and it is a product with very strong plasticity. I believe that as long as you have the courage to try and think calmly, you will definitely get the right product solution!

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