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Explore The Double-sided Adhesive Used In LED Strip Lights

August 07,2023

With the changes of the times, the lighting design without main lights has gradually become a current trend. As a product in LED lighting, led strip lights have always occupied an important proportion of products in the LED lighting market because of their simple installation method, very safe use and excellent lighting performance.

When installing  LED light strips , we usually stick them on the surface of a certain material for fixing. For the double-sided adhesive used for bonding, how should we choose?

In this article, I will analyze the characteristics of various double-sided adhesives for you.

1.3M 200MP

3M 200MP non-substrate double-sided adhesive tape adopts pure film structure, which has the characteristics of ultra-thin and ultra-transparent, which can effectively avoid the influence of affecting the aesthetics of the product.

3M 200MP non-substrate double-sided adhesive tape has good high temperature resistance, can be used in the environment of 149 ℃ for a long time, and can reach 204 ℃ in the short term.

3M 200MP non-substrate double-sided adhesive tape meets the requirements of ROHS regulations in terms of environmental protection and can be used safely.

Due to its ultra-thin and ultra-transparent characteristics and good high temperature resistance, 3M 200MP double-sided adhesive tape without substrate can be widely used in the pasting of metal nameplates, flexible circuit boards, membrane switches, electrical parts, shockproof foam and other fields.

2.3M 300MP

As the name suggests, the 300LSE series is very suitable for bonding low surface energy materials such as PP. And 300MP is superior in bonding rough surfaces. Because the glue is very soft, it can achieve good infiltration on rough surfaces, increase the bonding area, and achieve the purpose of firm bonding.

Materials suitable for bonding:

1. Polyurethane foam, microporous polyurethane foam plastic

2. Polyethylene foam, EPDM foam

3. Textile/fabric, felt, carpet

4. Vinyl, Melamine, Particleboard, Plywood

5. Nylon, leather, fiberglass, wood, etc.

Among them, foam is the most widely used material with rough surface.

The full series of 300MP adhesives include pure adhesive film, double-sided PET backing tape, and non-woven backing tape favored by the majority of users. And 300LSE only has pure rubber film and PET base tape, no non-woven series.

3.3M 9080HL

3M 9080HL double-sided adhesive is a double sided nonwoven tape with a polyethylene coated paper liner. High tack adhesive for high temperature and bonding LSE materials.

3M 9080HL double-sided adhesive is formulated for both low and high speed splicing applications and can be used subsequently if heat setting or other oven based processing conditions are required. The tape provides excellent adhesion to paper and cardboard and many plastic film substrates including polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC.

Features of 3M 9080HL double-sided adhesive:

Universal Double Sided Tissue Tape

High initial tack, high initial tack

pressure sensitive adhesive

Easy to remove liner

economic tape

4.3M VHB 5608N

3M VHB 5608N acrylic foam double-sided adhesive is a high-performance tape made from gray acrylic foam. This tape is especially suitable for bonding elastic parts such as seals to bodywork and doors. 5608N is characterized by high adhesion to smooth surfaces of various automobiles. One side of the tape is adhered to the painted surface or the corresponding substrate with a pressure sensitive adhesive. The other side is bonded to the elastomer part by heat activation.

Heat-activated adhesives ensure a long-lasting bond, especially for seals made of EPDM and TPE rubber.

Good internal strength, excellent long-term stability and good conformity to bonding surfaces are the characteristics of 5608N.

5.TESA 4965

TESA 4965 is a PET substrate double-sided adhesive tape launched by the world-renowned adhesive tape supplier Tesa. The color is transparent. The adhesive is modified acrylic adhesive. The thickness is 0.205MM. It has good solvent resistance, softening resistance and moisture resistance, and has excellent processing performance and temperature resistance. TESA 4965 double-sided tape complies with ROHS and halogen environmental regulations, and has high bonding strength to PP/PC/PET materials and foam, and is suitable for bonding various materials.


The purpose of the blue thermal tape is to provide a preferential heat transfer path between heat-generating components and a heat sink or other cooling device such as a fan, heat sink, or heat pipe.

The use of this tape in the LED lighting industry is generally to stick it on the high-power led strip lights, and then stick the LED strip lights on the aluminum profile. In this way, the heat of the LED strips can be quickly transferred to the aluminum profile, so that the  LED strips  can be kept at a suitable working temperature, and the service life of the product will not be greatly affected.

After introducing these double-sided adhesives, let's summarize the usage scenarios of these double-sided adhesives. The LED strip lights we usually use are usually pasted with 3M 300MP series double-sided tape. For LED strips used in car lighting, we recommend 3M VHB double-sided tape, which is more sticky and suitable for smooth surfaces of cars and outdoor use. If you need to use it with a high-power LED strips, in order to help the LED strips to dissipate heat better, we recommend using blue thermal tape.... I hope this article can serve as a reference for you when choosing double-sided adhesive in the future.

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