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12V 60leds/m RGBWW Digital TM1812 LED Strips GL-FBTM1812RGBWW60M12W12

    • GL-FBTM1812RGBWW60M10W12
      Product name5m TM1812 SMD5050 digital RGBWW led strip DC12V
      Model NO.GL-FBTM1812RGBWW60M12W12
      LED TypeSanan
      Led Quantity60Leds/m
      Actually Power18w/m
      Max Length10meters
      PCB Width12mm
      Cuttable Size50mm
      ColorDigital RGBWW
      IP GradeIP20/IP65/IP67/IP68
      Ambient Temperature-25℃ ~ +45℃

Detailed introduction

Quick Detail

1.TM1812 SMD5050 Digital LED Strip ,DC12V,60led/m,magic RGBWW digital,SDCM<5;

2.Indoor lighting IP20 and outdoor lighting IP65&IP67&IP68;

3.From 4.8w to 18w adjustable wattage;

4. With standard 3M self-stick , easy for installation;

5. CE Certificated and RoHS compliant;

6. Factory wholesale cost.OEM and ODM service.


TM1812 is a 12-channel special circuit for LED driver control internally integrated with circuits of MCU digital interface, data latch and LED HV driver etc. Peripheral MCU control realizes the chip’s independent luminance, cascade control realizes color dot matrix illumination control of outdoor big screen,guardrail tube and dream-color LED stripe. This product comes with excellent performance and reliable quality.

GDC TM1812 Led Strip Features:

GDC TM1812 LED Strip Features:

· High power CMOS technology

· 24V output port voltage endurance

· VDD internally integrated with 5V VR-tube

· Chip VDD externally connected with series resistor, 6-24V input voltage supported

· Luminance adjustment circuit with 256-grade luminance adjustment, low brightness equivalent to class 1024

· Single-line serial cascade interface

· Oscillation mode: built-in RC oscillation and clock synchronization in accordance with the data

line signal; after data of the unit is completely received, subsequent data can be automatically reshaped and sent to the lower level through the data output end, the signal will not distort or

attenuate as the cascade goes further.

· Built-in power-on reset circuit.

· PWM control end realizes 256-grade adjustment, with scanning frequency no less than 400Hz.

· One signal line can complete data receiving and decoding.

· When the refresh rate is 30Frames/S, cascade points no less than 1080.

· Data sending speed is 800Kbps.

· Package form: SOP16, DIP16.

· 2/3 OZ FPC, original high quality 3M 9495LE tape, special design strong packing. The LEDs are LM-80 tested and certified.

· Provide customized service, customized MOQ>500M, 3 years warranty.


Technical Parameters
Model No.Led DensityPCB WidthVoltagePowerRAMac adamColorLumen

Competitive Advantage

1. The 12VDC operation, Low carbon, no radiation, no flicker, and no pollution to human and environment, Safe and stable.

2. The led strip has low light decline and long lifespan,LED with low driving voltage, environmental protection, and energy-saving, high brightness, scattering angle is large, good consistency, low power, long life, and other advantages.

3. This programmable led strip is an intelligent control LED light source that the control circuit and RGB chip are integrated into a package of 5050 components. It internal include intelligent digital port data latch and signal reshaping amplification drive circuit.

4. Universal TM1812 300XIP20 dynamic color chasing, sequencing, changing, and also static color modes available on the Full-Color Controller and dream color Strip.


bars, commercial buildings, billboards, theme parks, LED screen,etc.

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·Never bend the LED strip more than R = 60 mm.

·Installation must not damage parts of the circuit board!LED strips are fine electronics and must be treated carefully.

·The LED strip is divided into sections with scissors symbol where it is possible to cut the LED strip. Cut LED strip of sharp scissors and always at 90°.

·When soldering the strip, the soldering temperature maximum of 300°C. Follow the polarity closely.

·1- When cutting the strip, use a shrink stocking. Remove 3M tape on the part to be "shrunk"

2-Place the shrink stocking over the LED strip.

3-Use a heat gun!

·Depending on the desired assembly, it may be necessary to point glue IP65 LED strips for permanent fastening. Remember that the substrate must be clean!

·All Glite Led Strips is dimmable by 0/1-10V,DALI,PWM,DMX controller.

·Connect Led 12v/24v to positive on driver, conenct Led - to negative on driver.

·LED must work under correct voltage,never work with incorrect driver voltages!

·Take the led strips from reels and open it before test the light with the driver!


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