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12V 60leds/m RGBW Digital TM1814 LED Strips GL-FBTM1814RGBW60M10W12

    • GL-FATM1814RGBW60M12W12
      Product name5m TM1814 SMD5050 digital RGBW led strip DC12V
      Model NO.GL-FBTM1814RGBW60M10W12
      LED TypeSanan
      Led Quantity60Leds/m
      Actually Power19.2w/m
      Max Length10meters
      PCB Width10mm
      Cuttable Size50mm
      ColorDigital RGBW
      IP GradeIP20/IP65/IP67/IP68
      Ambient Temperature-25℃ ~ +45℃

Detailed introduction

Quick Detail

1.TM1814 SMD5050 Digital LED Strip ,DC12V,60led/m,magic RGBW digital,SDCM<5;

2.Indoor lighting IP20 and outdoor lighting IP65&IP67&IP68;

3.From 4.8w to 18w adjustable wattage;

4. With standard 3M self-stick , easy for installation;

5. CE Certificated and RoHS compliant;

6. Factory wholesale cost.OEM and ODM service.


TM1814 is a four-channel LED constant current adjustable driver IC with internal control synchronization function. The MCU can input a set of constant current setting and PWM setting data to TM1814 to realize various displays. When the signal input is disconnected, the synchronization is fixed. The colorful pattern changes can prevent the subsequent cascaded chips from not working due to chip damage. The chip integrates MCU firmware and single-wire digital interface, data latch, LED constant current drive and other circuits. The 5V voltage regulator tube is integrated inside the VDD pin, and there are few peripheral devices. It is suitable for LED decorative products such as guardrail tubes and point light sources. This product has excellent performance and reliable quality.

GDC TM1814 Led Strip Features:

GDC TM1814 LED Strip Features:

· Using a soft FPC board as the substrate, FPC has good electrical conductivity, fast heat dissipation, bending resistance, can be arbitrarily bent, can be docked, bent, cut and arbitrarily fixed on the concave and convex surface.

· High-quality super bright LED light-emitting diodes are used to emit light, with low power consumption, low heat, no glare, impact resistance, etc.; low-voltage 12V power supply, safe and reliable.

· There are more than 16 million colors of light, and various colors or transformations can be customized according to requirements, and any animation effect of the product can be realized through the programming of the external controller.

· Small and thin, suitable for installation in narrow spaces.

· The external TM1814 driver core is powered by low-voltage DC12V, and the SPI signal data line is designed in series.

· Free cutting, every six LEDs can form a loop, which can be arbitrarily cut off and welded along the tangent above to meet the needs of various light bar lengths required by customers.

· Diversification of waterproof levels can be customized according to customer requirements, non-waterproof (IP20), dripping waterproof (IP65), silicone casing/neon tube waterproof (IP67), and glue filling in the casing/solid extrusion (IP68).

· 2/3 OZ FPC, original high quality 3M 9495LE tape, special design strong packing. The LEDs are LM-80 tested and certified.

· Provide customized service, customized MOQ>500M, 3 years warranty.


Technical Parameters
Model No.Led DensityPCB WidthVoltagePowerRAMac adamColorLumen

Competitive Advantage

1. The TM1814 LED strip is addressable light, and can be programmed and controlled by the help of controller.

2. There is a strong 3M tape backing on the strips, which can be ripped off and stuck to most surfaces.

3. Each LED chips forms a ring, which can be arbitrarily cut according to the length of the ring without damaging other convenient fixed and stall parts. The flexible cutting operation makes the structure simple, ultra-thin design, low-temperature light source, and the selection of the auxiliary material more flexible, installation energy-saving installation, lower heat, higher brightness, cleaner, lower energy consumption and more beautiful.

4. Adopt the chip of international leading manufacturer, brightness is high and the angle is wide, consistent color and stable performance.


bars, commercial buildings, billboards, theme parks, LED screen,etc.

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·Never bend the LED strip more than R = 60 mm.

·Installation must not damage parts of the circuit board!LED strips are fine electronics and must be treated carefully.

·The LED strip is divided into sections with scissors symbol where it is possible to cut the LED strip. Cut LED strip of sharp scissors and always at 90°.

·When soldering the strip, the soldering temperature maximum of 300°C. Follow the polarity closely.

·1- When cutting the strip, use a shrink stocking. Remove 3M tape on the part to be "shrunk"

2-Place the shrink stocking over the LED strip.

3-Use a heat gun!

·Depending on the desired assembly, it may be necessary to point glue IP65 LED strips for permanent fastening. Remember that the substrate must be clean!

·All Glite Led Strips is dimmable by 0/1-10V,DALI,PWM,DMX controller.

·Connect Led 12v/24v to positive on driver, conenct Led - to negative on driver.

·LED must work under correct voltage,never work with incorrect driver voltages!

·Take the led strips from reels and open it before test the light with the driver!


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